Pico ethos

Pico was founded in 2016 by winemaker Will Henry, restaurateur Kali Kopley, and Chef Drew Terp as a destination for eclectic California cuisine, with influences from Europe, Asia, and the American South. Our mission is to create innovative food from local ingredients, carefully sourced from farmers who are committed to sustainable, organic, and humane practices. We select wines to pair with our food that follow similar ethical guidelines, with a bias towards, small, hand-crafted wines that express a sense of place.


scratch cooking

We source whole vegetables, grains and fruits from local farmers on a daily basis, which our kitchen staff carefully prepares for our menu every night. Our charcuterie is smoked and cured in house, and everything - even the ketchup - is house-made.

Alfred and Rolf Merkelbach

Alfred and Rolf Merkelbach


Much as we support the small farmers of our region, we source a careful selection of wine from the real winemakers of the world. You will not find McWine here. We have a large selection of small-production wines, from winegrowers and vintners who are committed to their craft. With over 800 wines on our list and the walls of our retail shop, there is something to please every palate.

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locally sourced

We are lucky to live in a part of the world with a year-round bounty of fresh vegetables, fruits, and proteins. We make the utmost effort to source all of our fresh foods as locally as possible, and to partner with farmers that practice sustainably.



We love them, and don’t think they should be excluded from enjoying our restaurant. That’s why we created a space just for them. Our KID’S ROOM is only about 4 feet high, so mind your head. Chalkboard walls, toys, and ample distractions abound, which allows you to relax and truly enjoy your meal.


humane practices

We know our farmers and how they treat their animals. It’s important to us to work with partners that treat their animals humanely, offering them space to live and a natural diet. We demand transparency from our farmers so that you can have the same from us.

Aquilino García López of Mescal Vago

Aquilino García López of Mescal Vago


You won’t recognize most of the bottles we have behind our bar. We buy only the finest, hand-crafted, small-batch spirits from distillers around the world. We don’t believe in factory-produced anything. Our craft cocktails are made with fresh juices and house-made products, using spirits with no artificial additives or coloring.

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